Privacy Policy

You can be sure that your privacy is secure, and we'd like to take a minute of your time to explain it.

  1. When submitting data via the crash reporter (in the case that Dump Chat crashes), only data pertaining to the crash of Dump Chat itself will be submitted to our servers. In other words, the stack trace of the program is sent to us (line numbers following up to the crash). No data regarding your chats, connection, private messages are ever sent. The crash reporter is only here to help us make a better product for you.
  2. Dump Chat stores your nick name passwords directly on your device. They are never uploaded anywhere. However, they will be backed up by your system or iCloud settings if you have these services enabled. All server passwords and user identity passwords are stored with encryption using Apple's KeyChain service.
  3. Nick Services password management. Since IRC is a plain text protocol, all your messages and passwords are sent over plain text. As messages can be intercepted, it is always wise to use different passwords for your IRC neds.
  4. Currently Dump Chat only offers password authentication via nick services and SASL. There is currently no SSL implementation in dumpchat.
  5. All e-mails sent to Dump Chat support are confidential, and will never be used to send you spam. We hate spam too. We will never use your e-mails to solicite data to you. They are only used to respond to your questions to us.
  6. The support forums are there for your use to get help, and talk with others. The same rules to e-mail apply to the forums. We will never use your e-mails to solicite mail to you. Your e-mail on the forums will be used to notify you of private messages, new posts for threads you have registered to, and administration e-mail should you be registered for it.